Webinar: What the Level 5 restrictions mean for the property industry Webinar: What the Level 5 restrictions mean for the property industry

Following on from the country’s move to Level 5 at midnight and the publication of the new guidance protocols published by the PSRA, IPAV and the SCSI, we caught up with IPAV CEO Pat Davitt for a special edition webinar where he outlined what the new protocols mean for agents.

In the Webinar, Pat clarifies that:

  • Agents can travel beyond their 5km radius or across county boundaries to carry out tasks associated with the business
  • Agents will not be held responsible for providing a viewing to someone who has travelled more than 5km for it or across county boundaries
  • All estate agent offices should remain closed to the public in Level 5
  • The new protocols were agreed upon by the regulator, IPAV and SCSI following consultation with the Department of Housing

Check out the full chat with Pat below….

The full document containing guidelines for the various levels in the Government’s Living with Covid plan can be found here.

Pat added: “This document does not replace the current protocol. It is extra guidance during Covid 19.”

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  1. Realta at 3:24 pm

    What a joke. Our kids can’t play together under Level 5 rules but these rules accept the fact that someone can breach Level 5 guidelines and estate agents are not responsible. What hypocrisy as the agents are the one conducting the viewing and accepting the visit.

    • Sam at 1:16 am

      Absolutely agree 100%.. I have an auctioneer and viewers, rolling in an out of our house that we are renting and no one gives a flying F**k !

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