Webinar: Focus on Donegal Webinar: Focus on Donegal

This week’s Webinar focuses on Donegal.

It’s fair to say that Covid-19 has changed the world with many people now considering remote working as a more long-term solution.

A recent report by Irish Tech News found that estate agents in Donegal were receiving more and more calls from businesses and individuals based in Dublin looking to move to Donegal in light of the ongoing challenges and strains of city living.

With this expected to be echoed across the country, we decided to look at Donegal as a case study to see what it has to offer as a possible location to work from.

We spoke to Donegal County Council’s Daragh McDonough, who said it’s a misconception that broadband speeds in the county are poor.

We also spoke to Donegal natives Niamh Walsh and Leah Fairman, who have returned to live in the county in recent years having previously been in Dublin and London respectively.

They spoke about all that the county has to offer and the supports available for people looking to set up base there be it to work remotely or for business purposes.

Check out the webinar below…

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