MyHome Live: FAQs

MyHome Live: FAQs

1. What is MyHome live?
MyHome Live is a new tool created by which enables Estate Agents to show a property live to any number of potential buyers from the comfort of their homes. The agent can answer questions in real-time allowing potential buyers to gain a sense of the property almost as much as if they were there themselves.

2. How does a user view a MyHome live video?

Once a MyHome live is scheduled the details will appear on the listings details page. Beside this a user can register interest to view the tour. will then send an email to them advising of details of the viewing

Additionally, If a person has saved the property and a live tour is scheduled after this, they will receive an email with the details which will allow them to go to the brochure page and register

Alternatively they can go to the property details page at the time of the viewing to view it live

Once a viewing is scheduled the time and date will appear on the brochure page and on the search results pag.

3. Does a user have to register to see the live video?

No, the live video once started will replace the main brochure image on the website. Anybody looking on the site can view this or alternatively somebody can save the link to their calendar direct from the property details page and watch it once it has begun.

4. Does this mean I won’t know who has watched the video?
You will be alerted to anybody who registers to view the live tour. And you will also be able to get the details of anybody asking questions throughout within the agent portal .

5. How does the process work from the users side?
After they register they will receive an email with a link that will allow them to watch live. They will get another reminder email just as the live tour is beginning.

6. How does the process work from the agent’s side?
The agent logs into a secure portal and schedules a MyHome Live viewing. Once this has been scheduled a link will appear on the property details page of for users to see.

When the live tour is due to begin, the agent will log back in, click on the link and be able to walk through the property, speaking as they normally would. Any questions that come through from the potential buyers will appear on their screen allowing them to answer and interact
(A how to document is linked at the bottom of this page) .

7. How long will a live tour last for?
This is up to you; there is no time frame you need to complete this within, when you are setting up the meeting you can decide how long to organise the viewing for. If you run over your time the live video will continue .

8. How can viewers ask questions relating to the property?
The viewer will see a chat section on their device where they can type a question that will appear directly for the Agent. They need to be logged into their account in order to ask questions .

9. Will the users be able to see all the questions coming through?
No a user will only be able to see their questions. The agent can view the questions coming through and who they are from.

10. Will I (the agent) get a copy of these questions at the end?
Yes, if you go to the Agent Portal (where you scheduled the viewing) and select the property in question you will view an archived section, here you will get a list of the questions asked.

11. Can the agent do a trial run through?
If you contact your Account Manager they will be able to take you through a demonstration showing you how it works live. Alternatively alongside this document we have shared a document and video explaining how it will work.

12. Can I store these videos so I can add them to the property details page and send them on to new potential vendors?
Yes, if you contact your Account Manager they will be able to send you through a link storing the live video which you can share.

13. What happens if I get cut off the live video mid way through?
Technical issues can happen, internet cuts out etc. The link you used to log in will be valid for the time you have set up the live viewing, so you can simply log back in through here and continue your viewing.

14. Is there a limit to how many of these I can do?
No, you can have any many live tours per property as you like.

15. If a user saves a property and a viewing is scheduled afterwards, do they get an alert? If more than one viewing is set up, do they get more than on alert?
Yes, they will get an alert for each viewing scheduled.

16. Should I hold the phone in Portrait or landscape when streaming a live tour?
We would recommend landscape when steaming a live tour for a wider shot of the property.

17. Will a live tour use a lot of my phone battery?
Yes, we would recommend ensuring your phone is fully charged before beginning the tour.

18. Can I see how many people are watching my live tour?

Yes when you begin your tour you will see an icon with a number beside it, this is how many people are watching. This is in real time so it will change if more people join the call throughout.

19. Should I be connected to Wifi in order to use this Product?

We would recommend if wifi is available to you that you connect. However if this is not an option, 4G will be perfect. A handy tip would be to watch a YouTube video and if you can stream this successfully you will be able to stream a MyHome Live tour.

20. What if my phone rings while I am carrying out a MyHome Live?
This would interrupt the connection so we would recommend that you go to the settings on your phone and select ‘Do not Disturb’ for the duration of the tour. This will stop any calls coming through.

You can find out more on how to upload a video to MyHome Live in our How To Guide here.

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