Launches Ireland’s First Live Property Viewing Platform Launches Ireland’s First Live Property Viewing Platform

MyHome Live is a new solution that offers all Estate Agents the opportunity to live-stream property viewings on to an unlimited number of viewers.

Estate agents can live stream a video of themselves doing a tour of the property and viewers can ask question of the agent via a Live Chat while viewing a property, effectively creating a digital open viewing.

Virtual Tours are now more important than ever and we have seen a large increase in the number of property ads on with virtual tours. Our new solution brings this a step further – enabling estate agents to live stream properties and take questions in real time from viewers effectively creating a digital open viewing without any physical interaction.


The key benefits to being able to do this are:

  • Enables you to conduct open property viewings in socially distant times
  • Live streaming allows you to build rapport and strengthen relationships with potential buyers – going a step further than a virtual tour without an agent present
  • Reduce travel times to viewings providing significant travel and time savings and eliminate no-show viewings enabling viewers to schedule a one to one viewing if they want to go further in the process
  • Live Streaming can become a compelling part of your sales story to win vendor instructions as you will be able to offer digital open viewings without having allow too many people through your property
  • Give you the ability to subsequently share the streamed viewing of the home with family members and friends
  • MyHome will make available the MyHome Live feature available free of charge for all agents using MyHome.

Further information on MyHome Live can be found in our How To Guide or in our FAQs.

Users who declare an interest in a viewing will receive reminders of the event

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