Why do I need to use Transact.ie?

Why do I need to use Transact.ie?

Thinking of buying or selling your home – then prepare for confusion and frustration – it can be worse than Brexit!

Busy house-hunters should be aware that it now takes up to 200 days to complete a sale because of issues with contracts.

Estate agents have called for the sales process to be overhauled to allow for speedier sales and greater efficiency and transparency for vendors and those looking to buy a home.

The lethargic nature in which sales are carried out in Ireland and issues with contracts during this process means up to one-third of private-treaty house sales fail to reach completion, according to the Property Partners group.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller this process can be very frustrating and time consuming. There can be huge delays, massive amounts of chasing (up to 200 phone calls) with customers often left feeling in the dark about where they are in the process.

The process isn’t always easy but that’s where Transact.ie comes in.

Transact.ie is the modern and efficient way to complete your home move. Our on-line portal connects all stakeholders under one digital roof, manages all steps of the process, puts the customer in control and gives full transparency 24/7.

All our partners only operate to the highest quality standards, giving you peace of mind every step of the sales journey.

What are the benefits of Transact.ie?

Who is using Transact.ie?

Trust and transparency are key for Transact.ie, who will only work with the highest quality partners who are committed to deliver high quality customer service. Big or small doesn’t matter – we will only work with professionals committed to offering the best service.

Our panel consists of over 20 Estate Agents and 30 Solicitors all across Dublin.

See our website for details www.transact.ie

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