Natural gas is the no fuss fuel for your new home

Natural gas is the no fuss fuel for your new home

Modern life is all about convenience. If you’re buying a new home this summer, make sure it’s powered by natural gas, so you can experience comfort with the push of a button.

We’re all enjoying the summer weather, but colder weather is ahead and now’s the time to prepare for those cosy nights in. Natural gas can’t be matched for speed and controllability, heating your home significantly faster than electricity. It also outperforms other energy sources in the kitchen, allowing for faster cooking times, superior temperature control and increased accuracy.

With natural gas you don’t have to waste time placing orders and organising deliveries. A constant supply of natural gas is piped directly to your home, ready to perform when you need it.

You can also banish those bulky fuel storage tanks. As natural gas is available on tap, you don’t have to settle for unsightly tanks taking up space in your beautiful new garden.

The convenience extends to the payment process too. There’s no longer a need to pre-pay before use and many utility providers offer easy payment facilities, including spreading the cost on a per usage basis month-by-month.

On top of all this, using natural gas helps to keep your energy bills lower into the future. As one of the most cost effective fuels on the market – 18% cheaper than oil, 39% cheaper than bulk LPG and 68% cheaper than electricity* – you’ll be left with more money to spend on settling into your new home.

If you’re buying a new home, choose natural gas and join 688,000 others who already enjoy its benefits. Click here to learn more from the team at Gas Networks Ireland.

*SEAI 2018

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