Construction of new homes up 55% on last year

Construction of new homes up 55% on last year

The number of new homes under construction is up 55% on this time last year, according to findings from the GeoView Residential Buildings Report for Q2 2018.

According to the report, over 9,000 housing units are currently being built nationwide, with about two-thirds of those in the Leinster region.

In total, 9,251 buildings were classified as being under construction.

The majority of construction activity took place in urban areas, with the highest levels recorded in Dublin (34.9%), Cork (10.7%) and Meath (10.5%).

On the other end of the scale, the lowest levels recorded were Leitrim (0.2%), Longford (0.3%) and Offaly (0.5%).

The GeoDirectory report also found that the national average price in the 12 months to April 2018 was €273,206.

However, when Dublin is excluded, the national average falls to €198,906.

Dublin (€413,891), Wicklow (€354,113) and Kildare (€281,675) were the only counties to record property prices above the national average.

Commenting on the findings, CEO of GeoDirectory Dara Keogh, said: “The 12 months to June 2018 saw a significant increase in terms of residential construction activity.

“The report shows that the vast majority of this activity is taking place in Dublin and surrounding counties.

“However, despite this increase, house prices in urban and commuter counties continue to rise, showing us that demand is still outweighing supply by a great deal.”

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  1. Padtrick Doyle, at 6:26 pm

    While many hundreds/thousands of house have been built have been built over the past year/years, I can’t find a property that is suitable for me. You see, I’m a wheelchair user and I’m ‘ready to go’. Of two story houses I did view, there as little or no room to move my wheelchair around in the so called “wheelchair accessible toilet.” One estate agent remarked that viewers that people say: “I will never have a wheelchair in my house”. I remind people that disability is not the preserve of those who are already disabled”, Ageing is a disabling process, friends and family become disabled due to a wide range of conditions as well as road traffic accidents. Estate Agents need to be aware of this as do architects, planners etc. There is much more I could add but I’m curious to see what the reaction to this post will be – if any.

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