Government considering proposal for Revenue to collect TV licence fee

Government considering proposal for Revenue to collect TV licence fee

The Government is considering a proposal for the Revenue Commissioners to take over the collection of the TV licence fee from An Post.

It is part of an Oireachtas report which aims to tackle evasion and raise an additional €30 million a year.

Last week Communications Minister Denis Naughten ruled out introducing a laptop levy instead of the licence fee.

The potential move to involve Revenue in the collection of the fee has been criticised by former Communications Minister Pat Rabbitee, who said it wasn’t their role to collect bills.

“The Revenue’s job is to collect taxes and it is a government department that does a particularly good job,” said Mr Rabbitte.

“It is not to collect utility fees for State companies or any company. You might as well say ’why don’t they collect the ESB charge’.

“So I think the Revenue commissioners will draw a line. The property tax, at the end of the day, is a tax. This is a utility bill.”


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  1. Brian Buckley at 6:04 pm

    The TV ‘Licence’ is a sham – it should be scrapped completely. This notion of paying a tax for programming that 1% of the population care about is an insult to the other 99%.

    • Frank Bodley at 12:57 pm

      Brian I agree. There is disconcerting bias on News programs. You wonder what or who motivates RTE to produce this stuff. Why pay for rubbish. About time our little tin gods were reduced to getting less pay than people who are actually adding something beneficial to our lives.

  2. John Paul at 1:17 pm

    Even with a lot of imagination, I don’t see how Pat Rabbitte can describe a TV licence as a “utility fee”.

    • Mairead Fahy at 1:43 pm

      Boggles the mind. With what you pay for TV/Internet charges there should not be a charge for this. It is ludicrous that a license fee is even charged I do not consider TV to be a utility.

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