Half of people with poor broadband would consider moving because of it

Half of people with poor broadband would consider moving because of it

What are the factors that would make you consider moving house?

Upgrading to a bigger/better property? Downgrading? Moving closer to work or family?

All are undoubtedly factors but how about broadband?

It appears it is quite important to many people.

A new survey of 1,001 people by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom showed that half of those who have poor broadband access would consider relocating.

This echoes a similar study by Vodafone a year ago which indicated that businesses in rural areas are being forced to relocate due to the lack of adequate broadband access.

It is mainly rural locations this applies to.

In Dublin, where the demand for property is massive, most areas can get broadband speeds of up to 1GBps. Most rural areas would take 100th of that and be content but simply can’t get it at present.

While it is relatively easy to sell in most urban areas at present if a property is in good condition and realistically priced, those in rural areas often struggle to move given that the market is much small.

Most people, three quarters of those surveyed in fact, are happy with the speeds they are getting.

It might seem drastic to some to move over soemthing like broadband speeds but given the average person now spends six hours and 20 minutes per day or 44 hours and 23 minutes per week on their home broadband, it shows its importance to modern life.

“The internet plays a massive role in people’s lives, proven by the fact that 50pc of people with unsatisfactory access would move somewhere else if they didn’t have acceptable broadband access,” said Paul Connell, director, Pure Telecom.

“Many of the people affected by poor access live in rural Ireland. We need to help our rural communities thrive, not drive them into towns and cities because of internet problems.”

It appears this problem is set to grow while people wait for the Government’s National Broadband Plan. More than 542,000 homes and businesses are in the area affected by this and still waiting on intervention.

A tender is due to be awarded in the New Year for the contract to bring broadband to many of those suffering from a lack of proper broadband.

Will many have already moved by then though?

Let us know your thoughts.

  • Have you experienced poor broadband speeds?
  • Would you consider moving because of broadband?
  • Has your broadband improved in the last 12 months?

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  1. Alishba Khan at 11:15 am

    Internet has become an essential element of today’s life, broadband started with spark; it was effective on field as well, because real estates do have a lot of usage at the field of the broadband, but now everyone is moving towards other brands.

  2. Uneza Sheikh at 6:56 am

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  3. Bernadette nolan at 10:24 pm

    We are only 3 miles outside Mountmellick, we got out our land line as it was not working the majority of the time as for Internet on that line this time next year the page might have loaded. So the only option is wireless broadband, which is sketchy at the best of times, and when eir took over from meteor it got worse. Rural services are so bad

  4. IAN at 4:57 pm

    Don’t be too hopeful – we live in Enniskerry and eir promised full 100mbs on the ‘new’ fibre optic lines put up along our road. We signed up for the 50mbs package including mobile and landline. I questioned the sales person on 3 occasions about connecting and service as the website it wasn’t ready – yes, yes, yes – no problem!! The agent arrived to connect the new service – “but it hasn’t even been connected yet” we were told by them. Then they proceeded to tell us this is happening “everywhere” with eir – all promises to get you to sign up then nothing, so we wait again!! Incredibly poor service from eir.

  5. Bob Storey at 3:43 pm

    Broadband speeds here in Castlehaven, West Cork are terrible with a maximum of 4 Mbps the norm most evenings. Am considering leaving in next 12 months if no improvement because it has been promised anually but never delivered. The TDs are not interested.

  6. Tom Wilson at 3:36 pm

    We have left the house for 2 reasons .
    1. Too remote with poor roads. Basically our kids said they were not coming to visit, it takes too long .
    Cork / Dublin 2 1/2 hrs – Cork/ West Cork 1 3/4 hrs.
    We have moved to a town closer to Cork City

    2. Internet is coming / coming /coming every year but never arrives . At the end of the line for Eir so no connection on telephone and in a black hole for the local internet server .
    Backward country in rural areas, only for the Dubs.

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