Cost of running a family home jumps 2.5% to €16,600

Cost of running a family home jumps 2.5% to €16,600

It costs an average of just over €16,600 to run a family home in Ireland this year, including mortgage costs, property tax, utilities and bin charges.

That’s almost 2.5% more than last year, according to new figures released by AA Home Insurance.

The increase is being attributed to the rise in property prices, up from an average of €205,000 in 2015 to €215,000 this year.

Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs at AA Ireland, says consumers have gained a little on energy and heating costs: “In all, we have seen a slight rise in the cost of running a house in Ireland over the last year.

“Mostly that is due to a rise in mortgage costs, associated with the house prices itself going up, but in terms of consumer woes, we have gained a little bit this year, the cost of heating, the cost of energy and the cost of electricity did drop slightly, home insurance did go up a little bit.”

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