New Government plan aims to deliver 25,000 affordable homes each year

New Government plan aims to deliver 25,000 affordable homes each year

The government yesterday unveiled part of its plan for dealing with the housing crisis by identifying a number of major urban development sites where affordable homes can be built.

Minister for Housing Simon Coveney announced that he was establishing a fast-track planning system to enable the building of 30,000 new homes over the next four years.

The new developments would be in major urban centres with a Housing Delivery Office set up to act as a trouble shooter if required.

Under the proposals developers will be allowed to buy State-owned lands at a knock-down price if they deliver starter homes for no more than €200,000.

The Government plans to use land owned by local authorities, the Office of Public Works (OPW) and other State agencies to provide cheap sites for builders to help boost housing supply for first-time buyers.

The move is part of the Government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ programme, which aims to ramp up delivery of 25,000 new homes every year, and 47,000 social units by 2021.

Minister Coveney has also announced details of 23 sites in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick where housing will be prioritised over the next three and four years.

The sites earmarked for development are as follows:

  • Dublin – PoolbegWest, North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock; as well as sites at Oscar Traynor Road, O’Devaney Gardens and St Teresa’s Gardens; and at locations in North City Fringe, Kilternan-Glenamuck, Cherrywood, Shanganagh-Woodbrook, Hansfield, Donabate, Oldtown-Mooretown, Adamstown, Clonburris and Corkagh.
  • Cork – Cork Docklands, Old Whitechurch Road, Midleton and Ballincollig.
  • Limerick – Greenpark.
  • Galway – Ardaun.

Some 26,400 will be delivered in the next four years, and up to 60,000 over the longer-term.

Despite planning permission being in place for more than 27,000 units in Dublin – and sufficient land zoned for more than 410,000 homes across the country – many projects did not stack up financially.

When homes cost more than €300,000 in Dublin, and €250,000 or more in Cork and other cities, demand for units “tapers off markedly”.

That’s why he hopes this new plan will prove fruitful.

The minister said he also wants to make the best use of existing housing stock.

He said a new rental strategy will be announced by mid-December that will protect tenants while ensuring that new rental properties are still built.

Mr Coveney said there needed to be a balance in responding to unsustainable rent inflation and not putting “the dead hand of regulation on the construction sector and therefore stop any momentum that is starting in building the rental sector”.

  • Do you think this strategy will work?
  • Does it give you hope of affording a home?
  • Does it need to be expanded to other areas?

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  1. peadar at 7:02 pm

    Affordable houses in Dublin and the main urban areas – sounds great, so long as standards are maintained. A buyer should be getting an excellent house for 200k, so long as it is accomplished properly. I know how much a standard 3b – sd costs to build – look at the houses for sale well under 200k in places like Gorey – excellent houses of a very high standard and not on subsidised sites either.
    I have a varied background, but worked on sites a few times. The one problem I see would be that developers may cut corners to increase their profits. The Government would want to have very specific standards set and then to monitor these standards vigorously. I worked on an exclusive development in Malahide – the builder only plastered the bedrooms up to where the fitted wardrobes would be fitted – the buyer would never know unless they removed the wardrobes – on 300 houses this saving on plastering amounts to thousands. The same builder squeezed each house on a line in by 4 inches and had room at the end for an extra house.

  2. alessiogemma at 3:56 pm

    Good plan to make greedy developers richer while impoverish the landscape. The galloping price of housing and renting cost is a shame. I see everyday new construction sites around the city and no matching infostructures. Look at what they have already done in areas like Sagard or Newcastle. Rows of poorly built apartments ready to rot in few years time. And they are not even affordable!! The minister should try to take the N4 or N7 in the morning before building new houses..

  3. JB at 2:52 pm

    How many housing plans are they going to go through before they do anything meaningful?

  4. Pedantic Panda at 12:42 pm

    My main concern is that, in focussing purely on the housing side of things, the Government will, as before, forget about additional extra infrastructure in terms of roads, additional traffic handling for surrounding areas, schools, water, public transport, recreation areas, policing, cycle paths and so on. They must also be careful not to create new Priory Halls, new slums, new Fatima Mansions, New Darndales, new Moy Rosses and so on.

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