Homeowners encouraged to rent a room to students to ease accommodation crisis

Homeowners encouraged to rent a room to students to ease accommodation crisis

With rental accommodation at an all-time low for this time of year and the scramble well underway for student digs around the country, more and more people are being encouraged to consider renting out their spare rooms.

With rising rent and a growing population, it is harder than ever for students to find places to stay close to colleges and universities around the country, particularly those in the major urban areas such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

In order to help combat this, the students’ union at both UCD and Trinity College dublin started a campaign recently to highlight the fact that homeowners can rent out a room in their house and earn up to €12,000 a year tax free.

Kieran McNulty, president of Trinity College Students’ Union, says it can be a positive experience for both landlord and tenant.

“Accommodation is quite restricted in Dublin, there’s a lot of scrambling for beds, and it’s really just about saying: ‘Look, if you have a spare room, there’s students here who would be more than happy to take them’, and we’ve seen really positive experiences in the past,” he said.

Earlier this week UCD announced plans for a €300m student accommodation expansion that would add 3,000 more beds to the Belfield campus.

It’s likely a route that many colleges and universities will have to take as the issue of accommodation worsens year on year.

For now though private individuals may have to ease the burden.

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  • Did you know the tax free sum you could earn from renting to a student?
  • Have you rented out a room in your home before?
  • Would you consider trialling it for an academic year?

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  1. Al Kennedy at 2:23 pm

    I’ve rented a room in my house the last 12 years. From my experience, and as my right as an owner occupier, i will only offer to international student over 23. My experience with Irish students we disappointing to say in a diplomatic way.from Irish students ,I’ve had Serious problems with there parents, arriving at my house interviewing me!!! When it’s me, Been the owner should be only doing the interviewing. So now id advise you to make sure no parents are involved at all in the rental process at all. the student to take full responsibility for all the payments and the obligations for the rules set up by the owner. I’ve had Irish students, do serious damage to my house,sneak boyfriends/ girlfriends into stay,with out any permission to do so, who then there’s friends then robbed goods and cash from my house. I came back from a trip to find my house was trashed after a party!!! The list is endless. I’d advise, no Irish students as they have zero responsiblily. I’ve had Chinese, spanish, German etc, all were great and responsible, took care off the house and paid bills including rent exactly on time. So get an international student, over 23 and preferable a girl,We just got one again and were very happy.

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