Number on housing lists up 2% in past three months

Number on housing lists up 2% in past three months

The number of people on local authority housing lists has increased by more than 2% in the past three months, according to research conducted by RTÉ’s Prime Time.

In a report, the programme finds that the housing list in Dublin City Council has grown by 2.69% between October 2015 and the end of January.

Nationally there are currently 139,359 people on housing lists in local councils all over the country. The comparative figure last October was 135,832.

The list includes many people on the Housing Assistance Payment Scheme, who are still requesting local authority housing.

The most up-to-date official national record of how many people are on housing lists is a 2013 assessment of needs.

Heretofore, the Department of the Environment carried out an assessment every three years.

However in a new measure the outgoing government committed to conducting an assessment every year.

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