’s Neil Reid to feature in Great Irish Bake Off’s Neil Reid to feature in Great Irish Bake Off

Neil Reid

Neil Reid

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than the smell of baked goods coming from the kitchen. Little did we know here at though that we had our own baking whizz working alongside us.

The Great Irish Bake Off gets underway this Sunday evening at 9pm on TV3 and Account Manager Neil Reid will be one of the participants.

The 36-year-old Dubliner has only recently taken up baking but has unearthed an obvious talent if the treats he takes into the office are anything to go by.

Married to Anne and dad to Alfie (4), Neil describes himself as a confident, experimental and scientific baker.

He has used dry ice to make ice cream and has tried ‘reverse spherification’ to make a yoghurt and mango dessert look like a poached egg. He comes from a scientific background, having studied chemistry at University so he applies this methodical approach to his baking. Heston Blumenthal is his hero.

He’s into fitness, golf, football, hurling and also performs in amateur musicals. In 2005 he also sang live with a Westlife tribute band on The Afternoon Show.

Neil says his greatest ambition is to write a baking recipe book that is fool proof.  He’s very precise e.g. it annoys him when recipes say things like ‘heat to just below point’, he would prefer it to say ‘use a digital thermometer and heat to 84°’.

There will be 11 other baking connoisseurs from across the country competing with Neil but everyone at is backing him to be a huge hit.

Tune in Sunday night at 9pm to see how he gets on.

Also check out our Facebook page later today for a chance to win a One 4 All voucher based on Neil’s TV baking debut.

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