How to claim the €100 Water Conservation Grant

How to claim the €100 Water Conservation Grant

By now most people will have received their first bills from Irish Water.

While a new bill is never welcomed, the introduction of water charges will at least be softened somewhat by a €100 per annum Water Conservation Grant.

This is a subsidy available to all households who register with Irish Water by June 30th and will be paid out in September.

The Department of Social Protection will administer the payment on behalf of the Department of the Environment.

The payment is not means tested, and all householders will be able to apply for it on their primary residence – including those on group water schemes or with private supplies – as long as they register with Irish Water.

Householders will have to apply to the Department of Social Protection for the grant. The details of how to do so are expected to be released this summer with the payment made in September and each subsequent September up to and including 2018.

It is anticipated that those who have registered with Irish Water will be contacted during late August and September with details on how to apply for the grant. A website will also be used to allow people to claim the grant.

You will need your WPRN (Water Point Reference Number) and Irish Water Account or Registration number to apply. A PPS number will also be required.

The fact payments won’t take place until September means that those who receive the water conservation grant will already have been liable for two quarterly payments to Irish Water, meaning most households will have been billed €130 while single-person households will have been billed €80 by the time they get it.

It is believed customers who do not have a bank account to receive the payment will be able to get it through the post office network, as is currently the case with other social welfare payments, although the details have yet to be clarified.

According to Irish Water: “The Grant is to enable households to adopt a sustainable approach to their use of water and wastewater services. Households are encouraged to spend the grant on making improvements or repairs to their home’s plumbing system or investing in water saving devices.

“This should complement other initiatives, whether by Irish Water or a group water scheme, to reduce leakage in the public water supply to your home

You can use the Grant towards purchasing water butts, installing dual flush toilets, aerators to reduce the water flow from taps, or rain water harvesting systems. The Grant could be used for de-sludging your septic tank or maintaining your well to ensure it operates efficiently.”

There will be no audit of how households use the grant so receipts will not be required to be submitted.

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  1. alfred cook at 8:56 pm

    O to live in Ireland The land of the three

  2. Maureen crehan at 2:26 pm

    WHY DID I NoT GET my water grant???

  3. patrick foley at 12:48 pm

    after calling water grant no i was unable to get a reply.I was also frustrated trying on line .I would have as much chance of levelling off the hill of Tara gives me the shovel Pat

  4. Helen Molony pp John Molony at 4:08 pm

    John Molony. I am unable to register as the computer tells me that my WPRN No. AND MY Regristrarion No. are not recognised. These were the numbers at the top right hand corner of the letter I received from Uisce Water, Letter reference WCGNC dated 31 July 2015.

    • justina at 9:16 pm

      I received an email that I could recover € 100 euro voucher for water years … what should I fill that Gauci mites? rather than water can do already?

    • John Finan at 12:20 pm

      Received lettet today (24th.) dated Nov. 17th. stating that i had until 5pm today to apply for water grant. I then go on line to apply only to be informed applications are now closed. its nearly as bad as dealing with irish water

  5. Bernadette Kavanagh at 5:12 pm

    For the record. Having had confirmation of account and WPRN nos.from Irish Water, when trying for a new TIN, on the 8/10/15 the computer indicated that they were not compatible with their records????

    • Patrick Bird at 5:29 pm

      I was told my details were sent from Irish Water on 4 Nov however today the 10th Nov I have been told the Grant scheme didn’t have my details on there system .This is after waiting twice for 17 mins to get trough to them

  6. Catherine Glancy at 7:17 pm

    cannot apply because they keep saying the registration number is incorrect

  7. Regina Hickey at 2:52 pm

    No form available and no Registration No. at hand

  8. Mary Cronin at 8:18 am

    can’t register for water grant as can’t find registration number?

  9. Patricia Sheridan at 2:00 pm

    I paid the bills and applied for the water conservation grant on the 19 th Sept. on line. I was told when I finished the form that it would be receipted on line by email but nothing came back and the DSP say in response to my phone call that the email was never received. The Irish Water Bill account number is 2847120000 and the letter of August 2015 states TIN 58554037 and WPRN 1141821. Please explain where this application disappeared to.
    Patricia Sheridan.

  10. Agnes Hallifax at 8:15 pm

    how do I apply?

  11. T.P. O conchúir at 11:25 am

    We have being paying for water for 40 years and so we should as it is costly to produce good quality safe drinking water. We will continue to pay for quality water, no problem we understand that there are no free dinners, someone always pays in the end. What are doing since 2008 pay for the biggest “cock up” of all. We did all our paying very satisfactorily through the Kerry Co. Council, how did their best with limited resources but were not entirely successful.
    You guys are something else. First you double bill us, one Bill for commercial use, another for private use and now you are willing to pay 100 euro for our bank details. Keep your “BRIBE” and please get your act together as you have a very important job to do. I’m sorry but you have lost our trust to the extent that we will not give you any more details about ourselves or our business. Very disappointed T.P. O Conchúir

  12. Ann collins,37, Mill court, Mill Place , Bandon, Co. Cork at 4:28 pm

    I received a water conservation grant letter today, sept 15th, but I caanot send off details because there is nowhere I can see in which I can send said details! Ann Collins, Co Cork.I as elderly and am not always up to speed with computer usage. this is too inconvenient.

  13. Paula McCreery at 11:25 pm

    I cannot apply for the grant as it does not come up no matter which way I go about it. Surely in this day and age there is no need for such convolutions. Please respond to me with the application form.

    • Jim Slevin at 9:38 am

      I most heartily agree with you. The Government are trying to destroy any good will that was there. Why tell people to apply on line and then make it impossible.

  14. Joseph Kelly at 4:51 pm

    Ihave been searching for page so that I can apply for water conservation grant can’t find it. I have paid my water bill so now I would like to receive that which you promised.

    • Carmel Musitano at 11:54 pm

      I was invited to apply for my water grant by the 24th Nov. but since I did not get this notification
      till a few hours ago it is slightly difficult to comply I have had nothing but incompetence since day one regarding this matter . Why you bother giving people a Phone No is beyond my comprehension. Please explain
      Camel Musitano

  15. annejohnston at 11:38 am

    no form to fill in details tin etc

  16. Liam Egan at 4:22 pm

    knew this was too good or should I say stupid to be true. This is the sort of thing that can only happen in Ireland. Thanks for the run around.

  17. Patrick ODonovan at 10:21 am

    I am with pj Dolan+Fr BENEDICT NO forms to fill in what a waste of time.

    Patrick ODonovan.

  18. Fr. Benedict Corrigan at 12:02 pm

    I am trying to apply for water grant on line. wonderful!!!! The actual facility to fill in all the necessary details do not come up on the screen. How helpful & simple is that?

    • Pj Dolan. at 8:55 pm

      Tryed to download application for grant. No page exist. (Cart before the horse type process).
      It seems the errrors of irish water are contagious. Now the dept of social protection! Where will
      it all end? Sea of heartbreak. Ha! Ha!

  19. James Fitzpatrick at 5:41 am

    Irish water are criminals trying to get your details by tricking you into signing up for this ‘discount’… Tell the fat cats to take hike!…don’t sign up and don’t vote for the same career politicians who use the Irish people like cattle!…

    • Eilish Coonan at 10:29 pm

      When i went to fill in the form for the conservation grant
      I discovered they wanted my Bank Details
      If you give your Bank Details to these thieves they can raid it
      and put your money in their pockets.
      This Government are corrupt & i definitely will not vote for them
      in the next elections.,,Sick

  20. Jean o neill at 9:23 pm

    Read the news we are not paying. All a scam made up by our corrupt government. Doesn’t matter how well they parcel it up, the whole country is wise to them and come the next election they and irish water will be gone forever.

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