Five people each paid property tax on more 500 houses they own

Five people each paid property tax on more 500 houses they own

The Revenue Commissioners have revealed that five people each paid property tax on more than 500 houses they each own.

The five were among 100 multi-homeowners, who discharged their Local Property Tax (LPT) liabilities for 2014.

Four other individuals paid LPT for ownership of between 400 and 500 each.

A further 65 people are among those with ownership of between 100 and 200 houses, while 17 paid property tax on between 200 and 300 houses.

Specific details of the transactions were not disclosed by Revenue.

The disclosures came following a Freedom of Information request.

The FOI unit at Revenue declined to state how much had been paid individually, due to taxpayer confidentiality reasons.

Revenue did, however, disclose there were an additional four people liable for LPT for ownership of between 400 and 500 homes in 2014.

An additional ten individuals had liabilities in respect of ownership of between 300 and 400 homes.

The FOI unit also declined to disclose the top 10 property tax amounts paid by the individuals “for reasons of maintaining confidentiality”.

The unit stated: “The Revenue Commissioners are prohibited from providing information in respect of any individual taxpayer, or any small group of taxpayers, in circumstances where such information could or might result in the release of tax-payer information.”

The FOI decisionmaker in the case stated that “due to the small number of taxpayers within these categories I am concerned that the release of the information sought could or might result in the release of taxpayer information of identifiable taxpayers.

“I am therefore required to refuse access to the information.”

Meanwhile, overall receipts for the LPT — including receipts of the outstanding household charge — in 2014 were €491m.

The 2014 compliance rate among homeowners was estimated to be 95%.

The figure was based on payment instructions rolled over from 2013 for over 310,000 properties in relation to phased payments and deferrals/exemptions.

New instructions had been received for 1.3m properties for 2014, along with 40,000 properties for which mandatory deduction at source was applied, and 15,000 local authority-owned properties.

People owning a house valued at less than €100,000 are liable for a LPT charge ranging from €76 to €90, while those owning the most expensive homes can pay LPT between €2,592 to €3,050.

Statistics for 2014 provided by Revenue show that 2,600 individuals paying LPT have homes worth in excess of €1m.

The figures show that the largest proportion of property owners paying LPT, 28.3%, have homes valued at between €100,000 and €150,000, with 26% having homes valued up to €100,000.

A further 21% have homes valued between €150,000 and €200,000, with an additional 10.2% having homes between €200,000 and €250,000.

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