How social media can help you sell or lease your home

How social media can help you sell or lease your home

Social media has become a massive part of our lives in the last decade with people spending countless hours on the various formats every day of the week.

Given its popularity, why shouldn’t you use it to increase your chances of buying or leasing your home?

Selling a property is a slow and engaging process, especially when most of your time is devoted to moving house. You don’t necessarily need to go through all the steps. Nowadays, it’s easier to spread the word by taking advantage of the social media. It’s an inexpensive and efficient way to popularise your property and quickly seal the deal. So, make a little house cleaning and start posting on the internet!

Know Your Target

Before putting your home online, think about the people who might want to live there. Knowing your potential buyers will help you address them easier. You are not simply selling a property; you are selling a lifestyle. A family with three children might not be interested in your urban apartment. When you establish your target segment, you will know where to advertise your home and to whom.

Consider the location of your home. Are there any exciting places? It might be a quirky restaurant or a beautiful park. If you are living in a great upbeat and dynamic downtown area, then put emphasis on that. Are there any galleries or night clubs? Maybe you are living in a tranquil neighbourhood near a good school. By identifying these issues, you will be able to clearly see the strengths of your property and emphasize on them.


This knowledge will come in handy when you use Twitter. On a most basic level, you will be able to inform your followers. The hash tags will give you the opportunity to use specific keywords and engage in actual conversations. In this way you can reach enormous amount of people. Don’t forget to post a picture of your house and of the surrounding areas. Be creative. For instance, you can capture the view from the porch and mention how much you enjoy spending the afternoons there. Keep in mind that before taking pictures, you will need to tidy up. Domestic cleaning will help you show the best side of your home.


If you want to take full advantage of this social media tool, you need to be interactive and consistent. This platform offers a lot of options to create an involving content – from simple messages to videos and photos. Be diligent and check the page every day. Try to respond as soon as you can to any requests and questions. The good thing about social media is that you can use a combination of different platforms. Share videos that you uploaded on YouTube or photos that you posted on Instagram.


If you have a good camera and free time, take a few shots of your property and put it together. Create a home – tour video and make it personal by telling your favourite family story related to your home. Schedule your move out cleaning, before shooting the video.


This might seem as an unlikely place to advertise your property. However, LinkedIn is a good way to find real estate agents that will help you sell your home.

Social media is the easiest and cheapest way to create a buzz and to connect with real estate agents.

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