Eircom Golden Spider Award for Sherry FitzGerald

Sherryfitz.ie which has just seen a major revamp has been awarded an Eircom Golden Spider Award at a ceremony which took place on Thursday evening at The National Convention Centre in Dublin.

The awards celebrate high achievement and recognise brands, organisations, agencies and individuals who truly innovate, embrace new technologies and exceed expectations online.

According to the Spider Awards judging panel the reasons sherryfitz.ie won this year’s award was due to “great mobile optimization. It’s not just a listing site; you are one step away from doing business or making a booking. It has good content marketing and dual location.”

Commenting on the award, Joanne Geary, Group Head of Marketing at Sherry FitzGerald said: “We were fortunate to be shortlisted from hundreds of entries in the Listing Category and even more fortunate to win an Eircom Spider award as overall winner in this category. One of our first objectives as our business began to recover was to revamp our entire website as time marches quickly with technology.

“This was a big project to get right, with thousands of properties feeding across from our systems and understandably it took a lot of time during the course of this year. We worked closely with our web agency, Strata3, to rebuild our site with our primary focus on how to create a great user experience and adapt to our changing times. It’s wonderful to be recognised by our peers at this stage of the project when there’s still more to come.”

So far this year sherryfitz.ie has had 1.2 million visits to the site with visitors from 199 countries across the globe.

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