Mount Merrion Family Garden Design – room for enjoyment

Following the completion of a major refurbishment to the property, a large sub-urban garden which enjoys a delightful sunny aspect was re-designed and comprehensively re-modelled to provide an stunning and safe family garden offering plenty of scope for enjoyment by all family members.

The long list of features included an extended raised planting bed to complement the raised patio areas, which were linked to the lawn areas by a series of very distinctive steps and as weeping pathway. The extensive and open lawn area, an important and integral aspect of any family garden, was framed by planting on all ‘four’ sides. The planting scheme was carefully selected to provide a rich, colourful and primarily evergreen finish all year. The trees included a rich mix of native and ornamental types, and similar design objectives was evident also in the type and range of shrubs, herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses selected.

A rich and varied mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials

Raised Planting Bed is a key and integral element safely separating lawn and raised patio areas

Stepping out in style on featured steps

A stunning planting mix of asian trees and shrubs

Colourful evergreens, low growing and easy to maintain mixed shrubbery

The new roll-out turf lawn - an important and core requirement in many family gardens


An interesting and attractive mix of native and ornamental trees

A planted screen is an easy and effective means to screen 'Bin Bay'

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