Re-inventing an old family garden in Leopardstown

An old garden in Leopardstown Dublin 18, is comprehensively transformed to meet the owner’s requirements for a new garden which is attractive, practical and easily maintained.

The design also provides a safe area for very young children to enjoy and play in and when required a means to securely restrict access by the family dog.

Artificial grass provides an attractive as well as hard wearing surface for dog area

A stylish and effective way of restricting the dog's access to garden area

Attention to the details of all aspects is particularly important in smaller gardens

Attractive open aspect and unfussy layout

A mixed planting scheme ensures a wide range of seasonal interest

The natural beauty and hard wearing finishes

The Boundary Walls are also a key design component

Attractive yet practical and easily maintained surface finishes

Sensible layouts with plenty of style

The Sandstone Raised Planting Bed, an important space defining garden feature

Raised Beds epitomise stylish smart gardening

Bamboo offer great screening as well as nice rustling sounds

he critical factor in family garden design - Space to view and room to enjoy

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