New Year blitz planned on those who failed to pay household charge

New Year blitz planned on those who failed to pay household charge

The Revenue Commissioners are planning a New Year blitz on the 300,000 homeowners who have still not paid their household charge.

The taxman is to launch a campaign this month targeting those who have not forked out for the year-old levy.

The bill for the non-compliant householders has risen to €200 but will hike again in April to €213.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan said the taxman had a duty to track those who hadn’t paid up.

He said: “Revenue will begin a compliance campaign on LPT/Household Charge arrears in the first quarter of 2014 and they intend to make property owners aware of this on the Revenue website, in press releases, through interviews with Revenue spokespeople on local and national media, and if necessary, through formal media advertising.

“Alongside this public awareness campaign, Revenue will also contact potential non-compliant property owners directly regarding their obligations.

“The Revenue Commissioners have a duty, in the interests of fairness and equity to those who are compliant, to take effective follow-up action to recover the tax from the non-compliant.

“Revenue will pursue unpaid 2013 LPT liability for the relatively small proportion of properties still outstanding and will also pursue the outstanding LPT/ Household Charge arrears.”

The household charge was due to be paid by March 2012 and was then €100.

But it was hiked to €200 in July and was incorporated into the property tax payment.

Since then, 9,000 householders have paid up collecting €1.79 million for Revenue.

The charge raised €113.9 million for the State during 2012. A further €23.4 million has been raised during 2013.

The total number of people who paid up is now 1.3 million including 24,452 waivers granted.

A Revenue spokeswoman said: “The Household Charge was abolished with effect from 1 January 2013.

“From 1 July 2013, any outstanding Household Charge was increased to €200 and added to Local Property Tax (LPT) due on the property.

“In effect, the arrears of the Household Charge have been converted into LPT.

“We are liaising with the Local Government Management Agency in respect of the Household Charge data in order to identify Household Charge arrears cases by reference to the Local Property Tax register. This exercise needs to take into account that the criteria for liability for the Household Charge and LPT differ.

“Our Household Charge campaign will take place after all this work has been completed, commencing in the new year.”

Thousands of people who have failed to pay a tax on second homes are also facing charges of up to €7,230.

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