Crowded space – ideas for improving a small garden design

Before - overgrown Ivy

Our current project in Leopardstown is a scenario with which we are very familiar and have plenty of experience.

The owners have just completed a major refurbishment of the house and attention has now switched to making changes to the garden area. Sadly but understandably the original planting has become jaded, overgrown and somewhat out of control. The trees are too big, others are struggling, wall climbers appear to running rampant and subsuming all in its way. The lawn area has deteriorated, and the owners wishes for a nicer but easier to manage garden. There was also the important aspect of configuring the space to ensure it was safe for the young grandchildren but without banishing the family pet dog.

In essence the design requirements were an enhanced looking space, easily managed and maintained and practical for family members including the dog!

First priority was to remove all exisiting plant material and strip the garden naked in order to allow the first phase of landscaping works to be completed, ie rendering and painting of boundary walls and construction of the Raised Planting Bed.

Later we will report on our progress with other key aspects of the project including removing garden hazards, planting, unifying the garden levels, smart ideas to reduce the garden maintenance and wireless controlled garden lighting.

Before - plants are out of control


Before - the tree has outgrown the space


Before - climbers are rampant


Scud coat is applied to walls

Excavating for raised bed foundation

Rendering of boundary walls

Foundations for raised bed

The sand & cement rendering enhances the boundary walls

Constructing the blockwork for raised planting bed

Rendered boundary walls


Painting walls

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