Summit to be held on vacant Dublin properties

Summit to be held on vacant Dublin properties

With the national commercial vacancy rate now up to 12.3% in Quarter 3 from 11.9% the previous quarter, a Dublin Summit next week will mull over what to do with all those empty buildings.

The seminar on “Managing vacant property” is due to be held at the National College of Ireland on Tuesday 22nd October, run by IPFMA, the Irish Property and Facilities Management Association. The meeting picks up on the practical, legal and insurance compliance issues dealing with vacant properties, and has had to request a larger venue from the National College as demand for places at the seminar outstripped the original venue.

“With over 16,000 empty homes and more than 27,000 commercial properties lying empty in Ireland, managing and looking after vacant properties is a critical topic.” says seminar speaker Mr. Gavin Pringle, Chief Operating Officer for VPSitex, the leading vacant property specialist. “If these assets are looked after well, maintained, protected and secured, they will provide new homes for tenants and entrepreneurs much more quickly than if they are neglected.”

Mr Pringle, who has been a Director of FTSE 500 companies such as Tarmac and Biffa Waste Management, explains “Property and estate managers can take advantage at the earliest opportunity of any economic upturn to turnaround these empty assets. Assess the risk to a property, implement an appropriate and cost-effective solution, and any preventative measures will translate into avoiding expensive repair work.”

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