Top tips for adding more colour to your garden

Top tips for adding more colour to your garden

Anthemis EC Buxton

Our bees are in serious threat of significant decline. Recent reports point to as much as 75% of the bee population may have disappeared. The reasons are varied and many but most commentators agree that the loss of habitat, simply not enough flowers to nourish the bees is becoming increasingly a critical factor. Domestic gardeners can intervene by planting bee friendly flowers, which will not only ensure that the summer blooming display continues well into the autumn but also providing a much needed food source for our bees.

Choose from many perfect flowering performers including: Lavender Hidcote, Echinacea Magnus, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Salvia Mainacht, Verbena Bonarensis Lollipop and Anthemis EC Buxton, Armeria, Salvia, Helenium etc.


Echinacea Magnus

Fuchsia Lady Thumb

Helenium Moreheim Beauty


Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

Rudbeckia Goldsturm


Veronica Spictata

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