Family garden in Stillorgan is stunningly rejuvenated by creative design and expert landscaping

Spacious sandstone patio area with good garden views

Our current project in many ways is a very rewarding experience and satisfying undertaking. Similar in size and scope to many large family garden sites of similar vintage, offered much design potential and excellent exploitable garden opportunities but from the outset the key objectives and priorities included:

  • an attractive space which offered specific areas of interest and purpose with colour and beauty to be enjoyed throughout the year
  • an appealing garden but which would not be too demanding for the busy owners to maintain
  • a layout which exploited the site’s sunny aspects and offered a natural flow in its orientation
  • a spacious patio which would facilitate more outdoor living
  • a discreet but generous garden storage facility
  • a simple but distinct structure in which the layout was relaxed but retained visual interest and provided individual areas for specific use
  • generous planted areas fulfilling purposes including privacy as well as ornamental
  • construct a robust and well defined boundary garden wall

The design featured a substantive serpentine layout to stone built raised planting beds which shared common heights but the planting depths ranged from < 0.5m to > 3.0m to accommodate specific and diverse growing requirements (herbaceous perennials, shrubs, espalier fruit trees, ornamental compact trees and large screening bamboos. Atmosphere was a factor in determining the type and location of the water features. As is commonly important in many family gardens, the lawn had a central role in reflecting the overall style of the layout featuring gently but distinctive curves which were also reflected by the line of the raised beds, pathways and patio areas.

New boundary walls, rendered and painted provided a very fresh, warm and appealing background to display all plant sizes, forms and colours. Warm tones were also a key selection criteria in deciding the type of sandstone used in the construction of patios, pathways and raised beds. A great example to reflect how low maintenance gardens can be very attractive and appealing and simple elements of including a mowing strip will ensure cutting the grass will be very easy without any need for edge strimming. The raised planted bed areas are obvious a key design feature, not only for providing specific growing and control of plant conditions, but used very effectively to create different spaces which seem to combine and make the overall space clearly coherent and much bigger. There is also the other advantage in being an extended and very valuable informal seating area.

The purpose built Garden Shed is cleverly tucked away in one garden and discreetly blending with the boundary walls and located behind a raised bed. The colour used for painting the shed’s double doors is an attractive warm blue aptly called ‘Forget me Not’! Two rain water harvesters were also installed to provided a free and useful alternative water source¬† for the garden plants. LED Garden lighting are positioned to create different lighting areas ( 3 in total) which along with the water features are controlled separately and remotely by¬† a wireless Light Symphony Control Unit (available from GARDENSTUDIO).

A 'Bistro sized' patio for early morning enjoyment

Roll Turf Lawn is a key garden design element

Roll Turf Lawn is an integral aspect of family gardens


Mowing lawn edges are much easier with a mowing strip

Roll Turf Lawn provides a vibrant and lush contrast to stone

Stylish custom built Garden Sheds with colour

Feature Plants - Screening Bamboo in mixed planting raised

Moroccan style garden water feature

Millwheel is a flat but uplifting water feature

Raised Planting Beds are versatile design features

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