Earn money from your parking space by renting it out with SpaceWorks

Earn money from your parking space by renting it out with SpaceWorks

Cork resident Damien Houlihan has brought an international parking solution to Ireland with Spaceworks.ie.

Finding a place to park your car can be the most stressful part of any  journey. Research has shown that drivers can spend up to 15 minutes looking for that one available spot.

SpaceWorks.ie, takes a new approach to relieving this stress by using less-obvious parking spaces like empty driveways and private car parking spaces around city centres and in areas where commercial car parking spaces are inadequate to deal with demand.

For example, many residents may have a driveway or apartment parking space that is empty during the day. They may be thinking about some extra income, wondering how to safely and easily rent it out? Likewise many drivers are looking for a reliable, hassle free parking option.

“Many cities in Ireland have rapidly expanded and need their own solution to parking frustration,” explains Damien. “Luckily, parking space owners and drivers can benefit from using the Spaceworks.ie service.”

One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash each month is to rent out your driveway or parking space. Driveways and private off-street parking spaces in cities all over Ireland can be rented out. With the stress of commuting and finding parking, more people than you think would be happy to rent a parking space. Most spaces can be rented out for around €80 per month, with rental prices in city centres rising to €100+.

Damien says: “We know the ideal spaces would be within 2km of city centres or around hospitals, universities, colleges, train and bus stations, Luas and dart lines and around industrial estates. There is a lot of demand for spaces in gated apartments in city centres during the day”.

Now there is a safe and simple way to make your empty parking space earn money for you.

By listening to parking space owners, Damien has designed SpaceWorks.ie to deal with any questions. For example, insurance for your driveway? SpaceWorks provides this, thanks to Campion Insurance in Cork and Lloyd’s (London).

How does it work? Once you have registered for free with SpaceWorks.ie, they will advertise your space live on their designated parking platform and find a driver for it.
Spaceworks will display the parking times that suit you, set up your insurance for you, and ensure payment from the driver to you via their secure system. They will also deal with any driver queries.

For further details visit SpaceWorks.ie

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