Properties in cancelled Allsop Space auction to be sold by tender process

Properties in cancelled Allsop Space auction to be sold by tender process

The firm behind an auction of distressed properties which was cancelled following disruption by protesters last Thursday is arranging a tender process for the sale of the 121 properties it wants to sell.

Allsop Space said that interested parties will be contacted via e-mail and invited to submit their best, and final bid, to them by 5pm on Tuesday 9 July .

Bids may be submitted by e-mail, in writing or over the phone.

The company said that if accepted, deposits will have to be paid and contracts signed within 24 hours in order to secure the purchase.

Allsop Space is a joint venture between a UK and an Irish company.

It had planned to sell a mixture of commercial and residential properties before the disruption at its auction in Dublin city centre.It said it has a policy of refusing to sell repossessed family homes.

The company is also planning to increase use of the internet in future to sell properties, but said it wanted to continue to hold public actions.

A spokesman said: “Like most sectors, the online channel will inevitably have a role to play at some stage in the future, however it is of primary importance that traditional public property auctions are not shut down by the illegal actions of a small minority.

“Public auctions, where buyers and sellers can transact business openly, without fear of intimidation, have a major role to play in establishing a true pricing floor in this property market and ultimately play a part in helping this country’s economy move towards a better equilibrium,” he said.


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