Opportunities emerging in construction and property surveying

Opportunities emerging in construction and property surveying

With growth returning to the sector, those entering construction and property surveying courses are well placed to enter a profession during a period of expansion and recovery.

As activity continues to increase in the property market following a very challenging five years, a shortage of suitably qualified graduates has begun to emerge. This has led to a situation whereby there aren’t enough graduates coming onto the market to meet the demand from employers.

According to statistics released by the SCSI, the property surveying and estate agency sectors saw a decline in employment of 43% from 2007 – 2011, with an 86% decline in CAO applications over the same period. SCSI members are now reporting increased requirements for property graduates in 2013 due to increased workloads in areas such as asset management, receivership, property management and lettings

“Entry into surveying courses fell at a faster rate than employment and worryingly, this year, while employment opportunities for graduate surveyors will increase, the number of new graduate entrants into the market will continue to decline, “ said Zoë O’Connor, Director of Education with the SCSI. She urged CAO applicants with an interest in surveying to actively pursue that option.

Emerging demographic changes require increased investment in public hospitals and schools and that too will have a positive effect on demand. We are also seeing the multinational companies, for example Google and Sky Ireland, employing more surveyors and property experts, as they build facilities and asset management teams here in Ireland. Zoë observed that, “Those entering construction and property surveying courses now are ideally placed to enter a profession during a period of recovery and expansion. Having been trained in a variety of transferrable skills, the new intake of graduate surveyors are well-positioned to bring their skills to work at the heart of a changing market.”

There are many honours degree courses on offer nationwide for those wishing to work in construction, property and land. Surveying courses encompass technical subjects such as valuation, measurement, building technology and design – as well as subjects such as business, law, economics, maths and developing technologies For further information on surveying courses, visit www.scsi.ie

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