The household charge could yet come back to bite people

The household charge could yet come back to bite people

The household charge. It’s the tax that simply won’t go away. Well, not yet anyway.

The charge, which initially was introduced in January 2012 and had to be paid by the end of March that year, is still a topical issue well over a year later.

From July 1st the charge will be completely replaced by the new property tax but with 21% of people still yet to pay, it is unlikely to disappear without creating a few headlines first.

Any of the estimated near 350,000 households who have yet to pay the charge who fail to do so by the end of this month (June 30th) will be hit with a €200 bill from July 1st.

The charge is €145 before then and anyone who has yet to pay it is being encouraged to do so before the duty of collecting the fee is handed over to the Revenue Commissioners.

What is most worrying for people, is that even those who have paid could be facing the €200 bill.

That’s because anyone who paid late but who failed to meet interest payments of as little as €11 would be deemed not to have met the payment.

That could mean that their total household charge bill could amount to €300 – the €100 already paid plus the €200 interest.

The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) said that it had written to homeowners, warning them that the penalty payments had to be discharged.

“There are people who paid €100 charge in April last year but ignored the penalties of €11,” a spokeswoman said.

“They still owe €11. Whatever outstanding charge you have related to the household charge becomes a liability of €200 payable to Revenue.

“If people signed up to pay by direct debit, with four payments of €25, but cancelled their direct debit before their fourth payment, they will be hit with €200. We did contact any one who owed interest or penalties, warning them it was due.”

If all 347,068 households who have yet to pay are fined €200 for non-payment then it would generate revenue of €69m for the government.

The charge can be paid online at

Today we ask your opinion on the household charge…

  • Did you pay on time?
  • If you paid late, are you confident your full interest has been paid?
  • If you’re a non-payer will you continue to fight the charge even when Revenue takes over the collection of it from July 1st?
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  1. AM Stacke at 12:59 pm

    Our household didn’t even receive any written letters about the household charge in the first instance or any letters saying we were in arrears so we didn’t pay.I think they need to get their correspondence to people in order before they start fining them 200% for arrears. Disgraceful.

  2. david and lorna lucas at 1:28 pm

    Those of us who paid the household charge in full on time are wondering why it is taking so long for the authorities to get/take the charge from those who just did not bother the fines for non payment should be much much more.

  3. marie foley at 10:34 pm

    I just cannot afford any more – i am on basic social welfare pension…i have signed up to pay from 1st july the household charge from my pension.

  4. Peter Scott at 8:45 pm

    As an Irishman who’s worked abroad for decades, I was considering retiring to my homeland – buying a house near the sea and gradually spending my life savings on a happy retirement for the rest of my life.

    But this new property tax has caused me to reconsider. Why should so much of my hard-earned capital be siphoned off by the government?

    So I’ve changed my plans – I will retire somewhere sunny – and the Irish economy has lost the millions (well, nearly a million) euros that I would have spent in Ireland.

  5. Andrew at 8:09 pm

    My blood is boiling now!!!! I’m sick of all these charges. Unemployed since October and they’re bleeding me dry… Sick to death of this country.

  6. brenda cronin at 5:50 pm

    If you rent from the council or corporation do you still have to pay this tax?

  7. Andrew at 4:36 pm

    The statement by LGMA is not accurate, to begin with I for one did not get a bill / notification of the original charge, also I have not received any of the notifications regarding late payment or penalties mentioned above.

    I am not stupid I know it is / was my responsibility to pay the charge within the time, anyone who did not know about the household charges had to be living on another planet.

    No I did not pay on time or after the due date.

    Yes I am waiting whatever procedure the LGMA and or Revenue decide to use to force me to pay and then I will defend my position and if necessary go to jail rather than pay.

    I ask even those who have paid to join with Attack The Tax who have a High Court case pending against the Household Tax.

    You may have been bullied into paying the charge / tax or thought it better to fall into line than oppose the tax after all there are many who do not need further stress.

    That does not mean you have to lie down and silently take the punishment issued for buying your own home, so by joining the opposition you at least have some satisfaction knowing you have joined the fight against the tyranny of this Government.

    Interesting numbers above this post!

    “142,118 mortgages in arrears say Central Bank”

    “An estimated 350,000 have yet to pay the charge”

    The figures suggest approximately half of those who have not paid the charge can’t even meet what most believe to be one of the most important payments in our monthly payment schedule.

    Time for Enda & Co. to wake to the fact that there is a lot misery in Irish homes, so much in fact that some “Home Owners” might welcome the relief of a few weeks away from the unpaid bills falling in their doors everyday.

    As to the Governments solutions what a joke, you must now provide the lender with detailed figures of monthly income and expenditure, if the lender decides you can’t pay for your home they can take it from you.

    The joke is you may be left in your home while the lender collects up to €750.00 per month in rent from the Government.

    Our banks are about to become the biggest landlords in the State and the Tax Payer (government)the biggest tenants.

    Wake up people Enda & Co have shafted you once again.

  8. john geraghty at 4:20 pm

    when the dear leader issued orders to take monies from the old and disabled,and remember mr. noonan when he was health minister, cruel and heartless
    d’ont under estimate those heartless people. mr. noonan has at least five pensions and a property portfolio,.every day is a day off our sentence roll on the election ,any election,Ill vote anyone bar fine gael and labour,imagine a pension after three years

  9. James at 3:35 pm

    I didn’t like paying it, nobody does but the inevitable is the inevitable so I paid it well in time to avoid charges and unnecessary difficulties and problems which would evidently arise sometime down the rocky road if I didn’t.
    It galls me too, especially so as my estate which is 12 years old has still not been taken into charge by Meath County Council and I am obliged to pay a maintenance fee to the residents association for the upkeep of the estate. What a joke that is.
    It’s a bit like having to pay exorbitant road tax and display a piece of scrummy paper on my windscreen just to drive on some of the most badly surfaced roads in Europe, only second to Albania. That’s why I love visiting Nr. Ire or UK where it’s a pleasure to drive on decent road surfaces.
    Yes, I feel just like everyone else that I am being buggered too, but what can I do, short of a civil uprising nothing is going to change, we’re all screwed with more to come.

    End of Story

  10. Paddy at 3:32 pm

    Should have paid the €100!! Perhaps SF or the Technical Group will give a dig-out to those who followed their advise and did not pay?

  11. Rita at 3:21 pm

    We paid our household charge in full and on time. I am more concerned that Local Authorities will have the powers to increase the new property tax by up to 15%. As we all know, once they have a captive audience and they are strapped for cash, they will go to the same well again and again. Forget about cutting costs, no that would be too difficult, they will always find it easier to take more money from us.

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