Small family garden design and landscaping in Knocklyon

Small family garden design and landscaping in Knocklyon

I am a big fan of raised bed gardening design. Why? Well there are few alternatives which can offer such versatility and design potential to any space making raised beds one of the key design elements for enhancing any garden space. In this project the original garden was very limited in detail and usable space which was made more difficult by the significant change of level typical of a sloping site. Raised Beds are a key design feature to create more space for play or patio areas at the lower level but also providing generous space for a range of planting in perimeter areas.

Using raised beds to grow vegetables is well established, but this only scratches the surface of the true versatility and design scope available. Raised Beds are one of the first things seems in a garden and when constructed a sin this case with natural stone in an interesting layout resulting in a soft but disciplined layout which is visually appealing, space efficient and helps to reduce the time required for plant maintenance.

Raised planting beds are used to frame the lawn and patio areas also provide good growing conditions for a range of plants including Feature Acer tree, black stem Bamboo, low growing shrubs and Herbaceous perennials. In this family garden, the raised beds will also provide plenty of informal seating an important bonus where space is limited.

For the older gardener, raised beds also dramatically reduce the inevitable strain of bending and tending to plants. Raised beds can be constructed in a range of different materials and finishes but for a long term beauty and no maintenance nothing will match the unique beauty of natural stone in drystone finish.

The bright and warm aspect to this garden was enhanced by using colour to create a more pleasing and stylish finish to the garden fencing.

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