Revenue extends property tax deadline

Revenue extends property tax deadline


The Revenue Commissioners has extended the deadline for filing Local Property Tax returns until 8pm tonight.

The deadline had initially been set for midnight yesterday, May 28th.

A spokesperson for Revenue said it had taken the step to extend it due to the unprecedented volume of phone calls in the build-up to the deadline.

The spokesperson said there were 10,000 people filing over the phone and online every hour in the lead up to the decision.

Earlier Revenue reported a surge of quarter of a million people filing Local Property Tax returns since yesterday morning.

It had received 1.44m returns by 5pm yesterday evening, indicating a compliance rate of over 80%.

Revenue sent 1.66m notifications to liable property owners and had hoped to achieve compliance of 80% or above by the end of the year.

Over 22,000 people contacted the helpline on Monday.

The Revenue Commissioners’ Local Property Tax helpline can be contacted at 1890-200-255.


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