Rathgar garden design and landscaping project

Rathgar garden design and landscaping project

A very mature and well planted garden in Rathgar, Dublin, was transformed by significant garden design and landscaping improvements which included:

  • Sandstone Garden Path
  • Sandstone Raised Planting Bed constructed in drystone finish
  • Garden Seating Area
  • New Roll Turf Lawn
  • Sandstone Sett Lawn edgings
  • LED Garden Lighting
  • Triptych Feature Wall comprising 2 panels of Boxwood Cladding, Sandstone Drystone bordered by Boxwood Hedging

The new garden layout was designed to optimise the lawn area and minimise any disturbance of existing planting. The results are clearly visible, a stunning simple open aspect layout featuring an inviting pathway which leads to the rear seating area and the raised planter bed boldly displaying the stunning and mature mixed ‘oriental style’ planting.

The new design improvements create substantive garden design and form enhancements whilst usefully helping to make it much easier to maintain the well stocked planted borders.

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