Driveway design and landscaping

Driveway design and landscaping

Welcome to the smarter driveway which has been designed, landscaped and built to provide practical, flexible and reliable long term performance. Attention to all details from the outset of project to design and landscape a very large and challenging site in Sandyford, Co Dublin is evident throughout the site. Previously difficult and problematic ground levels have all been re-modeled to provide easier access, better visibility for drivers and the grass slopes have been made more gentle and safer for mowing.

Other under-developed areas such as the large circle of stones similar to a dolmen area have been given more prominence and a new and more vital role within the new design for the garden by the addition of a granite sett edging to frame the very generous area of loose quartz stone chippings.

Granite setts were also used to very good effect to provide a somewhat formal but stunning looking entrance, complementing well the tall and very secure automated steel driveway gates.

Granite kerbing is used throughout the expansive driveway area as a well defined edging but also to emphasize the softer more gentle sweeps to the curving entrance, providing a more clearly defined separation between the planted/lawn areas and the pebble driveway surface of stunning quartz stone chippings.

On sunny days the brightness of the quartz reflects light well and this light can enhance the overall brightness of the site. In contrast on damp days, the incredible range of colour variation of the quartz makes this very attractive and versatile stone hard to equal.

Landscaping driveways with stone chippings or ornamental pebble on sites with a slope demands careful attention. Ground levels must be careful configured if a gradual drift of loose stones is to be avoided. This was made possible in this project which in addition to significant groundworks to alter slopes and changing ground levels by back filling in excess of 200 tons of hardcore sub-base. Slopes are still present but all have been greatly reduced and as is the case with all pebble driveways, an occasional raking of the surface chippings will be necessary good housekeeping.

New tree and shrub planting at boundary was also complemented by an extensive feature planted bed nearer house comprising a mixed planting scheme of shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

The garden design also included an unusual feature for a driveway area, the building of a natural stone wall near the garage area but as with the selection of the loose stone surface fully consistent with the design of the rear garden area. The inclusion of energy efficient driveway bollard lighting as well as LED Garden Spike spot lights used in the stone and planted areas will offer more scope for enjoying the new spaces.

Although immediate impressions are always possible, it is only through time that one begins to appreciate the wisdom and real value of retaining a company which has first hand professional garden design and landscaping expertise. Confronting challenging sites often yields to more creative solutions which not only overcome the immediacy of the initial problems but probably lead to a more comprehensive evaluation of the site’s truer potential. This provides a much better starting point for creative development but also analytical site assessment offering more potential to ultimately realise more value, performance and satisfying results.

For an experienced garden design and landscaping company, the more complex the initial design challenge, makes it more possible and satisfying to achieve bigger results for the client.

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