Property tax can be paid in instalments through kiosks nationwide

Property tax can be paid in instalments through kiosks nationwide

Technology company Omnivend is facilitating Irish consumers to pay their property tax in instalments through a nationwide network of kiosks.

The service is being offered in more than 250 high footfall retail stores across Ireland, allowing householders to pay as little as one euro at a time off the local property tax (LPT).

Omnivend kiosks already offer payment options for phone and toll tag top ups, international calling cards and private refuse company yearly charges.

According to Money Guide Ireland, they represent the cheapest way to pay the property tax by instalments.

“Omnivend kiosks will charge just 4% of the payment amount – so they will be the cheapest option for anyone wanting to pay weekly. A fee of 7 cent will be applied to a property tax payment of €1.73 a week, or €3.50 over a full year,” it said.

This new service is a self service payment option which is anonymous and quick. Omnivend has been approved to take the payments by the Revenue Commissioners.

Operating from Waterford, Omnivend was founded in 2005 and currently employs 18 people directly.

Managing director Fiona Dowd said adding the ability to pay the property tax through the nationwide network of kiosks was a natural extension to the company’s offering.

Customers can apply for an Omnivend LPT payment card at the kiosk, which they keep on their key ring or in their wallet to facilitate easier payments. Customers can then call the freefone number 1800 46 66 64 to get details of their Omnivend LPT transaction history.

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