Do you or your garden deserve more room?

Do you or your garden deserve more room?

Outgrowing space is much more common than we might realise and not exclusive to living in urban areas. Often finding the right solution to the pressing needs for more space can be very challenging and a range of factors requiring very careful consideration. Implementing the preferred solution could
involve considerable disruption as well as very significant costs.

Life is about living and as we grow and develop, so too do our interests and needs develop and change. Satisfying the expanding needs of a growing family for more space (hobby room, art room, play room, plants room, music room etc) or a home office/study room or simply somewhere where one can relax and enjoy a quiet space can be challenging and expensive. Apart from moving house, traditional solutions have included converting the garage or attic space, but this may not be feasible, affordable or possible. Building a house extension or adding a conservatory can also involve considerable disruption, expense and often underutilised representing a poor return for the initial investment.

An alternative solution would be to invest in a free standing garden building, which provides the additional space, is more affordable, involves little or no disruption during installation and also creates a stunning garden feature.

Victorian Garden Buildings are available in arrange of styles, sizes, and specifications. Each building is designed, custom built, and handmade by experienced craftsmen to meet the exact requirements of the individual customer.

Our range of garden summerhouses provide the perfect space to enjoy a hobby, working from home, entertaining and dining in the garden or simply a sheltered space to observe the beauty and sounds of nature in the garden.

For customers who would prefer a garden building as a focal point or one which is more open, we offer a range of garden Gazebos which are made to the same exacting standards of specification and finish similar to our garden Summerhouses.

Our range of garden Arbours are ideal for the smaller gardens and for customers requiring a more modest solution for sheltered seating.

All Victorian Garden Buildings are made with western red cedar, the premier and naturally hardwearing timber choice for the design and construction of garden buildings.

When you buy a Victorian Garden Building, you’re not only buying the best garden building there is and the perfect space for a range of uses, but you’re also acquiring a stunning, natural garden feature. Which is surely no less than your garden deserves.

Prices for Victorian Garden Buildings start at less than €2k and built in the workshop enabling site installations to be completed in less than one day. For more information:



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