Cowen calls on government to clear up confusion over property tax

Cowen calls on government to clear up confusion over property tax

Barry Cowen TD

Fianna Fáil environment spokesperson Barry Cowen has called on the Government to clear up confusion over property tax valuations as the deadline of May 1st rapidly approaches.

“With the valuation deadline just three weeks away, thousands of homeowners are left in a state of total confusion about the property tax value on their homes. Many are afraid to challenge the Revenue Commissioners, and some just are not aware that they have the option to carry out their own valuations,” said Deputy Cowen.

“In many cases the valuations issued by Revenue have significantly overstated the value of people’s homes. The value of one home may differ significantly from the average in the neighbourhood based on what renovations have taken place. Therefore Revenue may have overestimated the amount of property tax that should be paid.

“I have been contacted by many homeowners who are in this position and are confused about the options available to them. Elderly people in particular are intimidated by the prospect of challenging the Revenue Commissioners and getting their own separate valuation.

“I am calling on the Environment Minister Phil Hogan to come out and clearly state the right of homeowners to carry out a self-evaluation. I have said it before – this is absolutely the wrong time to tax the family home when so many homeowners are struggling with their mortgages and nothing is being done to help them. The very least the Minister can do is ease the added distress caused by confusion over valuations. He must do this without further delay.”

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