8 out of 10 agree with introduction of water charges

8 out of 10 agree with introduction of water charges

Eight out of ten people agree with the introduction of the controversial water charge, according to a new survey.

The Government is set to introduce a water tax for residential properties after local authorities commence the installation of metres in households across the country.

Although the water tax was scheduled to come in next year, it is now thought it will be delayed until at least 2015.

It is understood ministers are concerns about a possible backlash from the public about a second tax coming so soon after the introduction of the controversial property tax.

The water bills are set to be introduced as part of the Government’s plan to raise €500m by charging for domestic water.

The move is expected to affect 1.35 million households.

Although the Department of the Environment has stated there will be no flat fixed charge it is widely believed the tap water charge could range anywhere from between €100-€400 annually.

Now, a survey of industry insiders conducted by Ecocem, in association with the forthcoming Better Building conference, has revealed more than 80% agree with the introduction of the divisive tax.

The Commission of Regulation will set the price of water for householders and is expected to announce the pricing structure before the end of the year.

But of those surveyed by Ecocem, more than 75% believe €100 or higher would be a fair amount to charge a four person household, with nearly 30% believing €200 or higher is fair.

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