Teachers' union votes to oppose property tax

Teachers' union votes to oppose property tax

Kenneth Sloane of the Teachers Union of Ireland

A leading teachers’ union has agreed to oppose and campaign against the forthcoming local property tax.

The Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) have overwhelmingly agreed to oppose the new tax following a vote at the final day of their annual conference in Galway.

Speaking at the congress, Kenneth Sloane from Dundalk IT said the tax was part of an austerity policy which has failed the country.

Mr Sloane said teachers had “paid considerable amounts of stamp duty” on homes including many bought at the peak of the construction boom.

He described the property tax as “another attack” on trade union members such as the TUI.

The TUI represents over 14,000 second level teachers and third level lecturers.

The motion carried at the congress “condemned the sustained attack on workers take home pay, the loading of extra taxes and the cuts to benefits.”

The union will now campaign against the property tax.

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