Garden design and landscaping project in Drumcondra, Dublin

Garden design and landscaping project in Drumcondra, Dublin

The initial impression when first seeing this sub-urban garden is the obvious care, attention and pride which the owners take in looking after the garden. The planted borders are well stocked with a beautiful and diversified planting scheme featuring a host of well established bamboo, shrubs, small specimen trees and herbaceous perennials which are all clearly healthy and lush in this area.

Another attractive element of the existing garden was the carefully maintained and manicured lawn which despite its compact size was an obvious feature and good proof if ever one was needed of just how important the pivotal role of the lawn many gardens.

The completion of recent renovations to the property, prompted the owners to review the garden and in particular the exiting  decking which had become jaded and starting to show signs of wear. The owners were keen to replace the deck with a natural stone alternative.  Following much discussion and review of various design options, it was agreed to extend the project scope to also include the construction of natural stone walling to part of the rear of the property. A number of stone options were carefully considered, grey sandstone in a drystone finish was eventually selected as the preferred finish for the walls. Vintage limestone was selected for the raised patio and pathway areas. A new stone wall was also added to circumvent an extended section to the patio area in order to create a morning time Bistro patio space as well as an attractive feature which would be very visible from rear of the house.

Work commences with removal of decking and ground excavations to facilitate amendments to utilities (drains, electrics and water supply) as well construct foundations for new walls and raised patio/pathway areas.

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