Water charges could be delayed until 2015

Water charges could be delayed until 2015

Water charges may be delayed until 2015

The introduction of water charges could be delayed by a year, according to media reports.

According to The Sunday Times, the Government plans to defer the tax until 2015 in an effort to ease the burden on households following the introduction of the property tax this and next year.

Any deferral of the water tax will first need to be approved by the Troika.

Spokesperson for the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes Ruth Coppinger said any plan to delay the charge would be a vote-winning ploy by the Government.

“They are faced with being routed in a whole range of areas if they pursue this austerity agenda,” she said, “so they’re going to leave off the water charges until after the local and Euro elections, (but) I don’t think people will be fooled by that cynical type of political manoeuvring.”

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