Hogan warns over exemptions

Hogan warns over exemptions

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has warned that thinking you are excused from the property tax will not be an excuse for not paying.

Last year 43,000 homes were exempt from the €100 household charge but that figure has been dramatically cut to just 5,100 homes this time around.

Counties such as Dublin and Offaly have only one exempt estate for the whole of the county and many people will be surprised to hear they are not exempt this time around.

Minister Hogan insists though that thinking you are exempt will not be an excuse for not paying and he has encouraged everyone to check the new list.

“I would urge people not to assume that just because they were eligible for a waiver from the household charge they will be eligible for an exemption from the local property tax,” he warned.

“The list has changed substantially reflecting the improvements made by local authorities in resolving problems in unfinished housing developments. There is plenty of information out there.”

You can view the list of exemptions on MyHome.ie here.

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