Property tax exemptions to be published today

Property tax exemptions to be published today

Details of 5,100 exemptions to the Local Property Tax will be published online today.

Of the country’s 1,770 unfinished ghost estates, 421 will be exempt from the new tax.

This is compared to 1,322 such estates that were exempt from the Household Charge.

The locations and boundaries of developments to which the exemption applies will be available on the websites of the Revenue Commissioners and relevant local authorities, as well as

The tax is due to come into effect from the second half of the year.

The deadline for paper returns is 7 May, while online returns can be made until 28 May.

The tax is calculated on the value of the property and is self-assessed by the owner.

Almost 179,000 letters have been issued by the Revenue Commissioners in relation to the tax.

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