MyHome launches Property Tax Estimator

MyHome launches Property Tax Estimator has launched a new facility on its website which allows users to calculate the property tax they will have to pay on their home.

The ‘Property Tax Estimator’ feature allows users to first of all select a suitable range of recently sold properties and For Sale properties from their area. The Estimator then provides a figure for the tax based on an average value of the homes selected.

Users will be able to filter the most suitable properties for comparison purposes by county and locality as well as by house type.

Angela Keegan, Managing Director of said the new feature was a straightforward 3 step process which would aid homeowners with the self-assessment process.

“Our ‘Property Tax Estimator’ allows users to combine information from the Property Price Register with live data from our list of For Sale properties. It also allows homeowners to select a basket of similar properties from their area for comparison purposes. They can select by house type or street and this will ensure that they are basing their decision on the most accurate and relevant information. It’s the only calculator of this type out there and we hope homeowners will find it useful,” Keegan said.

The ‘Property Tax Estimator’ is the latest in a range of new features has added to the website recently. You can access the ‘Property Tax Estimator’ at

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