Uninsurable homes will have to pay property tax

Uninsurable homes will have to pay property tax

Homes that may be unoccupied or where flooding has made them uninsurable, or incapable of being sold, will be subject to the minimum €90 per year.

The Revenue has issued an online guide to help householders navigate the complexities of property tax laws which were introduced in last December’s budget.

Under the legislation as outlined in this month’s Finance Bill, Local Property Tax applies to all residential property, which is defined as “any building or part of building which is used as, or is suitable for use as a residence” including grounds up to one-acre in size.

Exemptions will be the same as those for the household charge.

Revenue will offer householders the options of paying the charge annually, in instalments, or having it deducted from salary.

Collection will start from July when the Household Charge will cease. The Non Principal Private Residence charge will cease from 2014. Revenue will collect the property tax and will also take over the collection of Household Charge arrears.

Those on low incomes can apply for a total or partial deferral of payment but the amount unpaid remains outstanding even after the death of the owner and will attract an interest rate of 4% a year.

A voluntary deferral will be available to those whose gross income does not exceed €15,000 for a single person and €25,000 for a couple. The local property tax will eventually have to be paid when the house is sold.

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  1. Water Treatment at 4:15 pm

    If they introduce water charges from 2014 on top of the property tax, it will hit hard households throughout the country. That’s for sure. Madness

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