Exemptions to be made to property tax

Exemptions to be made to property tax

The Taoiseach has confirmed the Government will allow for some hard-pressed householders not to pay the property tax.

Those who bought homes that are affected by pyrite, properties owned by charities and those who are permanently incapacitated will not have to pay the tax when it is introduced in July

The Coalition is also allowing for people to defer payment, if they enter personal insolvency, have a case of excessive financial hardship or in the case of the administration of the estate of a deceased person.

The Finance Bill, which was also published this afternoon, will see all revenue measures announced in the Budget legislated for, and a number of new measures to close loopholes such as preventing abuse of employee benefit trusts.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said that the Government is still forcing people who cannot afford to pay the tax to contribute.

“No exemptions for the unemployed, no exemptions for pensioners, no exemptions for the 160,000 or so people in mortgage distress, no exemptions for workers who’ve had their incomes savaged,” he said.

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  1. Paddy at 4:50 pm

    This is a joke. Property tax should relate to the cost of providing services to a paticular house, not to any other factors. So now a charity with an income of millions and several directors paid hundreds of thousands will not pay property tax on their D4 offices, and not a penny will be paid by a permanently incapacitated millionare. But you and I pay, pay, pay.
    Ireland is one crazy place!

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