Why hand dryers should be in every new bathroom

Why hand dryers should be in every new bathroom


A Kangarillo hand dryer

There is an argument to be made that hand dryers should be installed in every new bathroom; this is particularly the case with new, automatic hand dryer technology, which works to make hand drying more hygienic, and much more economical than alternative hand drying methods like paper towels.

What, then, are some of the key benefits of hand dryers, and why are they so essential to the modern bathroom?

Hand dryers work by blasting hot or cold air to dry your hands after they’ve been washed; many hand dryers come with hand sanitiser attachments to package cleaning and drying into one machine.

In terms of new technologies, hand dryers are becoming more sophisticated than ever before, with antimicrobial surfaces, anti-drip technologies through vacuum designs, and digitally timed cold air blasts to ensure that your hands dry faster.

The main advantage of having a hand dryer in a bathroom is that you can have a much more economical method for drying your hands than paper towels. While paper towels can be recycled, they only have a short amount of times in which they can be reused, with most ending up in landfills. By comparison, automatic hand dryers, when fitted, can produce 10 years of value. Aside from occasional maintenance, businesses and homes can save more in terms of replenishment costs.

This durability also extends to the wider environmental benefits of installing a hand dryer. Paper towels end up producing landfill, and form part of a supply cycle that involves deforestation, refining, and transportation, all of which generates harmful CO2 emissions. Hand dryers can be built to spec with a focus on being as economical as possible, and save on their relatively high upfront costs by reducing wastage when used in large public bathrooms in busy locations like coffee shops and rain stations. Hand dryers that include automatic soap dispensers are also essential, in this respect, for making the most of available space in busy public bathrooms, and can further lessen the risk of germs being spread around sinks and taps.

Hand dryers can also be safer than other hand drying technologies. For example, paper towels can be dropped onto the floor of bathrooms, while bins of towels can overflow, leading to more cleaning and slip hazards; towels can similarly end up clogging toilets. In this respect, hand dryers are more sanitary, and less susceptible to the kind of damage associated with paper towel dispensers.

It’s also possible to install automatic hand dryers for personal use in bathrooms; as well as providing an easy alternative to hand towels, electric hand dryers can be adapted to dry your hair, as well as blasting moisture from clothes. While primarily useful in a commercial context, automatic hand dryers, when combined with hand sanitisers, can lead to a much more hygienic bathroom space. There is also a wide range of different sizes and power levels available for home and commercial use, which can involve everything from high powered blade dryers to simpler miniature dryers that can be ideal for personal properties.

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