Unite union to oppose property tax

Unite union to oppose property tax

The Unite trade union has passed a motion opposing the forthcoming property tax, which comes into force in July.

The motion was passed by Unite’s Irish Executive Committee last week after first being proposed by the Dublin Activist’s Committee.

The Dublin Activists Committee and the Irish Executive Committee of Unite fully support the Campaign Against the Property tax on the basis that

  • it is imposed on all home owners regardless of ability to pay
  • it is being imposed in light of the massive bank bail out and the demands of the Troika
  • it will impact on workers, the unemployed and pensioners who are already facing massive austerity and cuts
  • it is a tax on the family home and not on a wealth asset
  • it will be passed onto local authority and private rental tenants despite the fact that they don’t own any property
  • it is extremely punitive on those who refuse to register with Revenue for same
  • it contains an “Informer Clause” that can be used to penalise others who live in a property but don’t necessarily own the property should they fail to identify the owner of the property
  • it can and will be deducted at source from PAYE workers and social welfare recipients, including the unemployed, disabled, pensioners and lone parents
  • it will drive the majority of ordinary people further into debt and poverty

Furthermore, Unite will support any protests and action organised locally and nationally by the campaign, including support for demonstrations during working hours.

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