Make your house immune to pests

Make your house immune to pests


It is important to make your house immune to all sorts of pests

A house becomes a wonderful place to live in once all the impurities are over. The impurities in a house can be bad respiration system, lack of clean and tidy environment and insects. Focusing further on the pests we come to know that having pests in a house makes it untidy and difficult to live in. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to remove these pests and for that we need to gather equipment and professionals who can do that job for us. Not only this but also the
after service maintenance is very necessary for a house to be cleaned. The cleaning procedure includes finding the area where different pests can be found, removing the core production elements and finally using different equipment and machinery to reduce the irritation caused by these pests.


First of all it is very necessary that we inspect the ground areas where these pests are located. Inspecting gives us a complete picture of all the types of pests that can be found in the house which can be harmful to a human life. These pests can be mosquitoes, termite, mice and other pests.


Mosquitoes create harmful diseases which can be very negative when the new baby is born or when the house has two or more elderly people. They can catch the diseases like Malaria very easily and this may create a huge harm to their human system. Mosquitoes are mostly found in winters and people use many medicines and lotions over their body which can prevent all the mosquito effects. A huge and proper treatment should be done which can reduce the mosquito effects and help the house remain immune.

Yard Mosquito control

Saving the home yard from the mosquitoes is one of the most important factors to do in
today’s world. People tend to leave their home yards and not take care of it while it is of ethical importance to take care of the yards and not leave any place which is not well-drained alone but taking important care of that place.


One other type of pest can be a Termite. Termites are found near wood and soils and they eat all of the wood made structure. Mostly the backyards are the core places where these Termites are found therefore it is very important to get control over these termites.

Author bio:

Sean Kim has 2+ years of experience as an active blogger. He has been working closely
with Home Pest Control Services South Carolina and has written several posts to educate
homeowners regarding pest control, yard mosquito control and ant termite control treatment.

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  1. Steve at 5:48 am

    Thank you for posting this! I’ll provide this with my client so that they would be able to prevent pests from their house

    – Steve (Owner of a pest control company)

  2. Vince at 5:09 pm

    I spotted this post in search of some other information. I hope this finds you as I know I can help. I am not a pest control expert, but I learned alot over the years in my experience of different types of pests, ie woodlice, slugs, ants etc. I have found the products you buy in hardware shops like b and q only sell contact kill but does nothing in the long term. I also found that exterminators like rentokill and such charge exhorbant money to control the problem and you need them to do treatments multiple times a year…. This is what I do now, I don’t call experts and waste my money, I do however control bugs myself in and around my home. It’s easy and anybody can do it.
    So the chemical I use to control multiple insects is stuff called Permethrin SFR 36%. This chemical kills on contact and leaves a residual on treated surfaces for 2-3 months. You get it in a 20 ounce bottle which equates to something like 45-60 gallons of spray, so one bottle will last you for about 3-5 years (depending on size of property). How to use? Simple, you get a 1gallon sprayer (get them any garden shop) fill half up with water then put in 1 and half or 2 ounces of Permethrin in then fill with water, shake to agitate and your good to spray. Spray it outside the peremiter of house, ie where the wall meets floor maybe few inches up house and few inches along ground all round where pipes and such too. Then spray it along skirting inside your house, it smells but only few hours until it dries. DO NOT SPRAY ON FLOWERS THAT ARE Budding, because this stuff kills every insect that gets into contact with it, even after a month after treatment it still kills. Bees will die if they come into contact with it.
    I hope this helps you and hope this comment finds you. Remember Permethrin SFR or Martins Permethrin, either or does same job effectively and leaves a protective barrier in and around your home.

  3. Rosmarie Lucas at 6:21 pm

    I have been reading the article about pests in the home. I have a place in Dublin, and I have a terrible problem with slugs. Some mornings when I get up, there are 3 or 4 slugs creeping around the kitchen. Any idea what I could do about it? I have tried to find the source, and have taken out the shelves under the sink and put pellets there. Have to check whether it worked or not. It is just so disgusting.

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