Sinn Féin to mount campaign against property tax

Sinn Féin to mount campaign against property tax

Sinn Féin is to mount a campaign to repeal the Local Property Tax, which is due to come into force in July.

The opposition party said the new tax would hurt those on lower and middle incomes and social welfare the most.

Party leader Gerry Adams, a TD for Louth, said a boycott would not work though.

“This family home tax, the brainchild of Fianna Fáil, gives the State unprecedented powers to collect it. The financial implications for households are very serious.

“It will especially punish those on low and middle incomes, social welfare recipients and the disabled.

“It doesn’t take into account ability to pay, people’s mortgages, the amount they paid in stamp duty, and negative equity. This is a tax too far,” said Deputy Adams.

He said that his party’s campaign will involve, public meetings, the distribution of information leaflets, meetings with interested NGO’s, community and voluntary groups.

He continued: “We also intend to introduce a bill to reverse the Property Tax before the summer recess and we are urging citizens to lobby their local politicians, particularly government TDs and councillors to support the bill.

“The only way to stop this tax is to repeal the bill. No other measures such as boycott or refusing to value your home will work.”

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  1. Nos O’toole at 3:51 pm

    I’m afraid Gerry Adams is right.

    Repeal is the only viable option to stop this daft tax.

    Avoidance or evasion is not really an option.

    Say goodbye to your Democracy because you will shortly live in a Bankocracy! – unless you take very firm action indeed.

    Sign the Household Tax Petition and automatic emails are sent to the TDs.

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