Honohan prioritises resolving mortgage arrears crisis

Honohan prioritises resolving mortgage arrears crisis

Patrick Honohan

The Governor of the Central Bank says resolving the mortgage arrears crisis is now the most important domestic issue being dealt with.

Patrick Honohan made the comments when he appeared before the Oireachtas Finance Committee this afternoon.

He has admitted banks were slow to step up to deal with this crisis but they are there now.

M. Honohan says if banks do not step up and deal with the issue of mortgage arrears they will need more capital.

He believes banks must now deliver what was promised in the personal insolvency legislation.

The Governor also says negotiations on the bad debts of Anglo will “get us to a better place”.

He says it is the most important international issue the country is currently dealing with.

Appearing before the Oireachtas Finance Committee he has raised hopes of a deal on the Anglo promissory notes saying going this route rather than just not paying them is the right thing to do.

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  1. Paddy at 7:27 pm

    Going by to the clip I saw on TV Patrick Honohan performed well while being grilled by the Dail posers. Best of luck to him in sorting out the mess at the Irish banks. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when Honohan meets with the big egos at AIB, BoI, etc. and goes about getting them to tow the line.

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